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Spanners and wrenches come in a range of types and sizes. It’s important to choose the right one to get the job done properly and avoid damaging the nut or bolt. This article demystifies the different kinds of spanner and explains how they should be used.

Top safety tip

Watch out for spanners that slip. Asics It’s safer to pull a spanner towards you than pushing it away. And if you think it might slip, release the tension – don’t increase it.

Socket spanners

DRAPER-12686These have a socket that fits over a threaded nut or bolt. This can often be tightened using a bar, giving you a better grip as you turn the spanner. nike blazer pas cher Socket spanners are usually bought as a socket set with interchangeable heads, so the spanner can be used for different sized nuts and bolts.

DRAPER-31991Ring spanners

Like socket spanners, these fit over a nut or bolt and grip it at the corners. nike air max chaussure They’re useful for loosening very tight items, but are harder to use once the fastener is loose. nike air max 2017 zwart A ring spanner normally has a different sized head at each end and can be used in less accessible places than socket spanners.

DRAPER-30767Open end spanners

Handy in tight spaces, an open end spanner is easy to slip round a nut or bolt. You can use it in two different positions, but as it only grips the item on two sides, it’s not ideal for very tight fasteners and could slip. nike air max 2017 pas cher It’s better to use a ring spanner to loosen the item and then finish off with an open end spanner.

DRAPER-04452Flare nut spanners

These are similar to open end spanners, but grip the fastener in five places instead of two, giving you a better hold. They can be used to loosen fasteners attached to tubes or pipes, but again, it’s better to start with a ring spanner if the nut or bolt is very tight.

DRAPER-07033Combination spanners

These offer the best of both worlds, with a ring spanner at one end and an open end spanner at the other. You can therefore break a tight fastener’s hold and then finish loosening it with a single tool.

DRAPER-08669Adjustable wrenches

Another type of open end spanner, these can be adjusted to fit any nut or bolt within their size range.

Posted on March 31, 2012
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