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DRAPER-08173 (TCS180C) - 180mm 450W 230V Tile Cutting Saw

Item code: DRAPER-08173 (TCS180C)

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DRAPER-08173 (TCS180C) - Portable tile cutting saw supplied with a water cooled 180mm continuous rim diamond blade for cutting ceramic tiles, quarry tiles and slates. Features include: bevel cutting guide (0-45°); blade guard; riving knife; straight fence for parallel cuts and water tray for cooling the diamond blade and reducing dust while cutting. Fitted with a cable and approved plug. Display carton.Specification:
Maximum depth of cut at 90°   ...   30mm
Maximum depth of cut at 45°   ...   17mm
Blade diameter   ...   180mm
Bore size   ...   25.4mm
Speed   ...   2950r/min
Table size   ...   360 x 340mm
Overall dimensions   ...   360 x 340 x 230mm
Weight   ...   7kgNo-volt safety switch

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