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DRAPER-81262 (70 06 160 SBE) - Knipex 160mm Fully Insulated Diagonal Side Cutter

Item code: DRAPER-81262 (70 06 160 SBE)

£ 31.85 (inc VAT)

RRP: £ 45.50 (You save £ 13.65)

DRAPER-81262 (70 06 160 SBE) - Professional Quality, tested to 10,000V and insulated to 1000V AC and 1500V DC for live line working. Manufactured from vanadium electric steel, oil hardened and tempered. Swedish pattern with smoothly ground chrome plated heads and separately induction hardened cutting edges to 62HRC. Will cut hard, medium-hard and soft wires. Heavy two colour insulated handles with slip guards for extra safety. Display packed.Manufactured to DIN ISO 5749 Specifications. Tested to EN 60900

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