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Rothwells partners with Moldex to supply high-quality, cost-effective hearing and respiratory PPE. Protect your team against airborne hazards such as vapours, dust and organic compounds, and ensure you can provide the correct level of hearing protection.

About RothwellsFree fit testing

Fit tests are a legal requirement for any employer that provides staff with PPE. So making sure you can test accurately on site, with as little work time lost as possible, is crucial.  When you invest in our Moldex products, you qualify for a free fit-test training session (often charged at £200 per person). A trained Moldex professional teaches your team how to carry out the process appropriate to their PPE. With no additional cost for this training session, it's an invaluable tool for making the most of your PPE investment. 

Free sound surveys

It is common to think that every loud job in your business requires the same product. But this is not always the case. The protection level of hearing PPE can vary widely across products and suppliers, making it a kind of 'lucky dip' if you're attempting to choose a product without knowledge of the exposure it must protect against. Not only is this potentially unsafe – it’s also a waste of your PPE budget! The more protection a product provides, the more it is likely to cost. With the help of our Moldex representatives, we make sure you’re investing in the right products for your workplace. Read more about Moldex perks in our blog too!


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Why businesses choose us

Sourcing made easy

Sourcing made easy

We are a valuable extension to your purchasing team, using our vast industry knowledge and connections to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Smart B2B services

Smart B2B services

Our practical B2B services, such as consolidated invoicing, bulk ordering and smart inventory solutions, make for a more efficient purchasing journey.

Always on your side

Always on your side

Rothwells isn’t tied to specific manufacturers or products, meaning we always offer your business alternative items where we feel savings can be made.

Supply chain

A reliable supply chain

We use only our trusted network of suppliers, cultivated over decades, which expands each year to offer innovative products from a range of reliable sources.


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