Ordering up front

Making your purchasing journey that much easier

Ordering up front is useful for combatting the current material shortages and fluctuations in supplier pricing. If you know roughly how much product you’ll need over a given period of time, or simply want to reap the rewards of bulk discount, up-front ordering offers an element of stability in unpredictable times. The process:

  • We agree the product and the quantity you need
  • We find you the best price, which is fixed for the agreed volume of product
  • You may take the full quantity of product any time within the agreed timeframe
  • Agreements may be renewed back to back, so you always get the best price

The quantity agreed must be taken in full by the end of your term.


Four reasons to order up front

Sourcing made easy

Fixed prices

Demand far exceeds supply in many supply areas right now; driving prices up. Ordering up front allows you to purchase items in bulk and take advantage of that same buying price for up to a year, paid for in monthly instalments.

Smart B2B services

Save shelf space

Don’t have room to store a bulk buy? We’ll hold your product in our warehouse and you can take as much as you need each month. Meaning you still benefit from fixed prices even when shelf space is limited.

Always on your side

Schedule deliveries

Make the process even more seamless. We’ll help you work out usage timeframes and schedule regular deliveries of your stored items so you don’t run out of what you need when it matters most - like on evenings or weekends

Supply chain

A single purchase order

Raise a single PO for the full volume of product, at the start of your term, and receive monthly invoices to reconcile and pay. If you choose to take your items over a 12-month period, you cut down potentially hundreds of POs to just one.


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