Process Improvement

Working with you to save time and money, in the long term

As the saying goes: if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keeping getting the same results. We want to help you change for the better - whether it concerns cost, time, waste or sustainability. Process improvement is where we save you money on individual products while also enhancing the efficiency and performance of the process itself.

Our process improvement has also branched into the following schemes:

  • Tool repairs and regrinds: We focus on quality tools that can be repaired or reground for a fraction of the price of a new tool, prolonging the life and performance of each product - better for the earth and your budget.
  • Machine servicing and repairs: Yearly car servicing is commonplace so why do we neglect our equipment? We’ve partnered with local engineers to keep your machinery at peak performance, reducing the need for replacement kit.
  • The right oil for the job: Using the right fluids for each of your processes is imperative to prolonging tool life and machinery performance. Miller’s Oils representatives are on hand to guide you to the most effective products.
  • Consolidate supply lines: We assist in consolidating your product groups to a single, reliable supplier to achieve uniform standards of quality, protection and style, along with increased power to negotiate on price.
  • Over protecting the workforce: The more effective the noise reduction, the more expensive the product. Our noise surveys tell you the exact exposure in your workplace areas, so you can stop wasting budget on ‘over protection’.
  • Free fit testing: If you supply staff with fitted face masks then fit testing is a legal requirement. Moldex provides free, comprehensive fit-test training for your team (a service other suppliers often charge hundreds for).


Why trial process improvement?

Sourcing made easy

Quality products

Get more out of your products. Cheap is not always cost-effective when increased tool changes, waste and cycle times are the result. Rothwells finds the most appropriate products which strike the perfect balance of price and quality, to offer true value for money.

Smart B2B services

Cost cutting

We’re experienced in finding the best prices and have long-standing relationships with manufacturers which allow us a competitive edge. Plus, prolonging tool lifetimes, accelerating process times and improving finish quality all contribute to an even bigger overall cost saving.

Always on your side

Real-life expertise

Our in-house consultancy combined with our manufacturer reps offers you a sounding board like no other. Know what you want? Great, let’s work towards that. Or use us to troubleshoot what’s not working and find a solution. Trial innovative products and be supported by people who really know their stuff.

Supply chain

Performance driven

Tools that last and provide an excellent finish, less tool waste and fewer interruptions to workflow, all come together to bolster your business’ performance and make your process more profitable. And a more profitable business is a more competitive one when it comes to selling the end product.


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