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DRAPER-78925 - Reversible Precision Screwdriver Set (8 Piece)

Item code: DRAPER-78925

£ 18.36 (inc VAT)

RRP: £ 0.00 (You save £ -18.36)

DRAPER-78925 - Expert Quality, hardened and tempered 8660 steel double-ended blades satin chrome plated with black tips. Rubber handles. Display packed in plastic case.Contents:
•   No.00 cross slot x 2.0mm plain slot
•   No.0 cross slot x 2.5mm plain slot
•   No.1 cross slot x 3.0mm plain slot
•   PZ TYPE No.0 x PZ TYPE No.1
•   T5 x T6 Draper TX-STAR®
•   T7 x T8 Draper TX-STAR®
•   2mm x 2.5mm hexagon
•   rubber handlePZ TYPE products are compatible with *Pozidriv®/Supadriv® fixing systems.
Draper TX-STAR drivers are compatible with †Torx fixing systems
*Pozidriv®/Supadriv® are registered trademarks of Trifast Plc.
†Torx is the registered trademark of Acument Intellectual Properties LLC.

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