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DRAPER-87375 - Protective Pad Set (125 Piece)

Item code: DRAPER-87375

£ 3.34 (inc VAT)

RRP: £ 0.00 (You save £ -3.34)

DRAPER-87375 - EVA pads with adhesive backing for protecting furniture surfaces, worktops, parquet and laminate flooring etc. Five sizes available. Display packed.Contents:
•   32 pads size: 10mm diameter x 1mm thick
•   36 pads size: 15mm diameter x 2mm thick
•   48 pads size: 20mm diameter x 2mm thick
•   8 pads size: 38mm diameter x 4mm thick
•   Square sheet size: 200 x 200mm x 2mm thick

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