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DRAPER-89765 - 'Lambda' or Oxygen Sensor Socket Set (7 piece)

Item code: DRAPER-89765

£ 60.77 (inc VAT)

RRP: £ 0.00 (You save £ -60.77)

DRAPER-89765 - Expert Quality, for removal, inspection or replacement of heated and non-heated oxygen sensors fitted to the following vehicle marques; Audi, BMW, Citroën, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, Skoda, GM (Vauxhall/Opel) and Volkswagen. Cut-away sections allow some sockets to fit over wiring harnesses. Sockets have black phosphate finish. Display packed in blow moulded case.Contents:
3/8" Square Drive
•   3/8" x 80mm deep socket with 7.7mm wide long groove
•   3/8" x 90mm deep socket with 20.5mm wide long groove
•   Offset square drive socket with 8.6mm wide full length groove
•   1.1/16" x 74mm deep socket
1/2" Square Drive
•   Offset square drive deep socket 22 x 49.5mm with 11mm wide full length groove
•   27 x 85mm deep socket with large side viewing window
•   29 x 90mm deep socket with 8.2mm wide long groove

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