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I found your website via google and typing in elora spanners. I found exactly what I was looking for very quickly at a reasonable price and ordering the tools was very easy to do. 10/10 from me.
Thank you,
Stuart C.

Q) What’s the difference between a “combi” drill and a drill/driver ?

A) A “combi” drill is a combination drill.  That is, it is designed for both impact work and drill/driving. A drill/driver is non impact and just for metal and wood. In simple terms if you want to drill brickwork or concrete you need a combi drill. If its just metal and wood you can get away with a drill/driver.


Q) Can you use a SDS bit in a normal drill?

A) NO. SDS is the actual mechanism designed for certain impact drills. They have grooves in the drill which push click into a SDS chuck. However you can use a normal metal twist drill in an SDS drill by buying an additional chuck and switching impact off. Contact us for details.


Q) What’s the difference between a 6 point and 12 point socket?

A) This simply refers to the number of points of contact with the socket.  A 12 point socket drives the fixing on the flats of the fixings not the corners so allowing a high torque to be applied.


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